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Do you want to start your online casino or betting business? Taxus makes the process of opening a gaming license easier and more transparent for you!

Getting started

How to start a gambling business online?

Starting a gambling business is quite an easy task for everyone!

Here is the recipe for success in the gambling business online:

  • We set up a company with a proper gaming license
  • You set up an online gambling site
  • We help with gaming software certification
  • We help to connect payment systems
  • Your own gambling website goes live
  • We support any legal and payment questions for gambling and game licensing


What is a gaming license?

Here is a definition of games license, which can help you to start your own gambling business!

To operate a casino, sports betting, lotteries, or poker websites legally in most countries, you need a special permit, which is a gaming license.

The benefits of having a proper gaming license:

  • Run gambling or betting business legally
  • Work with the best game providers
  • Open bank account
  • Use reliable payment processing systems
  • Place your gaming application in the AppStore and PlayMarket
  • Build trusting relations with your players via open gaming licenses

Get license

How to get a gaming license with Taxus?

laws and rules

Gambling regulation – laws and rules

Gaming laws and regulations, especially raffle licensing laws, vary in different countries and may be tricky and rapidly changing. While there are jurisdictions where online and offline gambling is completely prohibited, e.g. the UAE, Lebanon, Egypt and Albania, other countries, like the USA, Canada or the Netherlands, have, however, specific local license requirements. It’s also necessary to understand some features of Internet gambling regulation.

Types of gaming licenses

Different types of gaming activities, such as casino, lotteries, sports betting, poker, lotto, bingo and fantasy games, may have different regulations and require separate licenses.

Casino license

What is a gaming license for a casino? It is a sort of a guarantee which enables players to trust casinos, and addresses a great variety of concerns, for instance, on non-payment of big winnings, etc.

There must be casino control because of the specific features of casino licenses.

There are some steps regarding how to get casino license:

  • choose a type of casino license which suits you according to your key goals;
  • fill in some required documents according to the casino regulations;
  • pay a fee for an online gambling license;
  • wait a little while and receive your license.

In order to become a casino dealer, you have to get an appropriate license which is also for sale by Taxus.

Please contact us in order to know the online casino license cost.

Poker license

Poker is often considered worldwide to be the most popular and unpredictable game, which, with the right combination, can bring unbelievable winnings!

Poker licenses create regulations for online poker rooms, poker indicators, which are an inherent part of each game!

Not only are the services of gambling operators regulated, but advertising and promotion of gaming websites & their frames also have their peculiarities in different countries.

We recommend you discuss your business plans and brand vision with the Taxus team in order to apply for the correct gaming license. We will navigate you in the gambling laws and make your project go smoothly.

If the issue of acquiring a poker license plate is relevant, we offer our professional assistance.

Raffle license

We also provide our clients with a chance to get a raffle license!
A license to sell raffle tickets helps to ensure that all raffles are legal, which, in turn, is an essential part of gambling business.

Betting license

It’s really easy to get a sports betting license with us right now!

Here is a list of documents below, which will help you find out how to get a sports betting license:

  • a special statement in English;
  • copies of personal documents;
  • a brief summary of professional activities, a certificate of non-conviction, business plan and some other documents.

We recommend to discuss with the Taxus team your business plans and brand vision to apply for the correct gaming license. We will navigate you in the gambling laws and make your project go smoothly.


The main requirements for gaming licenses

Each jurisdiction has different license requirements. It also depends on some casino requirements. Taxus will guide you on the most common of them:

Both the cost of a gaming license and the size of share capital vary depending on a jurisdiction and a license type. Basically, the gambling license cost includes:

The Taxus team stays on top of gambling regulations trends to guide you on requirements or new opportunities within the market.


Сost of gaming license.

The cost of a gaming license and the size of share capital varies on jurisdiction and license type. Basically, the price of the license includes:


Which gaming licenses do we offer?




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